Reading Response #5

A couple of links that will relate to our discussion of Chapter 10 tomorrow.


Would you want to Skype with your family after you’re dead?

A little bit about the use of tools and mirror neurons.
Gorillas Wielding Weapons, Macaques & Mirror Neurons

Is Google going to outdo and make our brains irrelevant by creating DeepMind?

There are now apps surfacing that read other people’s emotions for us. This is one of them.

Interesting article of the author Wade Rouch’s opinion on ELIZA, Siri and the possibility of the movie “Her” becoming reality.

Automated Directives

Since I’m sure there are a number of people in our class who want to see what everyone else is doing for their automated directives as they develop. (myself included) So I figured I’d get the ball rolling and post a link to my own brand of inanity.

You can find my blog here.

Hopefully with me being the first (and undoubtedly making a fool of myself) other people might be less nervous about putting their stuff up. (Its tough being the first one after all)

PS: I’m new to this whole ‘posting on blogs’ thing you interweb people speak of. So if I manage to screw anything up then please let me know. Thanks