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Ministry of Memory Destruction

Good design resources

HACK design. Design lessons for non-designers. For free, once a week, in your inbox (if you subscribe)

PRINT magazine
Communication Arts

Design Observer: Excellent writing and  information about contemporary and historic design.

Ellen Upton

Cooper Hewitt Design Museum. Check out the Object of the Day—it’s great.

2012: the year in infographics.

Personal blog of data sketches from the infographic designers at the NYT.

Okay, now, remember the Shallows: get of the f#*&ing internet and get to work.


Schedule for remainder of term

To clear up any confusion, let’s do this again. Here is the schedule for the remaining weeks of the term:

Tuesday, March 19: work day
Thursday, March 21: IN PROGRESS CRIT

Tuesday, March 26: work day
Thursday, March 28: IN PROGRESS CRIT

Tuesday, April 2: IN PROGRESS CRIT
Thursday, April 4: IN PROGRESS CRIT.

I expect EVERYONE to show work at all of the in-progress crits. You all have compelling projects but everyone has significant work to do to expand and deepen their projects. Remember what you learned from The Shallows.

Get off the f@$*ing internet and concentrate. (except you, Riley, because your entire project is the internet, but still, c-o-n-c-e-n-t-r-a-t-e.)

Use your brain, expand your project. Give your project the time, attention and dedication it deserves. I pay attention to who shows work, who shows up for class and who doesn’t. I know this time of the term is a crunch for everyone, but during workdays, I expect you to show up and work.

This is a one credit course, which means your final project should be the equivalent work of TWO final projects for other courses. Don’t flake out. You’re nearly there. I’m in my office, waiting to help you. I may also have my head down on my desk, because I’m sick. But whatever.