Weekly Roundup

More information relating to Paramount Studio’s decision to stop using film. This is a compelling, brief, interview about the power of archiving. How does archiving change when everything is immaterial?

WOW. Please don’t send me hate mail.

Impulsiveness and Media Multitasking. Still, I argue it’s better to do one thing at a time. JUST ONE THING. OKAY? What’s so wrong with sustained concentration?

Are you dating?

Impact of Net Neutrality in Canada.

Angry Birds, now with more things to make you *actually* angry.

A creative approach to coding. She uses THIS software if you are inspired.

More information related to the Internet of Things (re: last week’s post about Google acquiring NEST)

To hard to keep; too meaningful to destory? Hey Mary–this is for you.


What happens when a photograph is too difficult to look at, yet you can’t throw it away? (Your prom photo? The last image from a painful breakup, the perm you thought was a good idea. BUT. IT. WAS. NOT. )

That’s the question Chicago-based artist, Jason Lazarus, explores in the exhibit, Too Hard To Keep (T.H.T.K). at Gallery TPW. All the images in the exhibit were donated by people who couldn’t look at them anymore.

More info about the show

“Too Hard to Keep” is part of “Coming to Encounter,” a series that experiments with strategies for looking at difficult images. The series is organized by Galley TPW, curator in residence Gabrielle Moser.

A bummer? Interesting? What do you think?

This is a re-post from the Photo-Blog (Sofamphoto). Mary–I think you need to contact the artist and offer to bring the Ministry of Memory Destruction to the gallery. Right? Right? Shouldn’t Mary do that? You could also post a link to MMD on the blog that accompanies the exhibit.

The dream of the medical tricorder

Good news for Sally and Ashley, maybe.

Medical technology: The hand-held diagnostic devices seen on “Star Trek” are inspiring a host of medical add-ons for smartphones


Rafaël Rozendaal

This is the website I showed in class today of the artist Rafaël Rozendaal a visual artist whose canvas is the internet. Don’t miss the tool bar along the top which contains links to a bunch of his work. Also check out the posts under the ‘texts’ link that discuss things like distractions with the internet, our connected society, data saving etc.

Here it is!

Good stuff

A weekly series where we share good stuff on the web. To participate, post your link on the blog, tag and categorize it:linkshare

I’ll begin.

1. LAUGH! Laugh out loud (especially for fans of Seinfeld or Curb Your Enthusiasm)

2. HURL! Visualize who is tracking you (with cookies, etc) in real time. For Firefox users.

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