Something humourous- Habit & Distraction

Has anyone ever seen this Portlandia skit? A humourous spin on some of the ideas we’ve discussed- Fred can’t stop checking his devices, so he downloads “Mind-fi” to centralize everything, and makes it worse.


As we tread deeper into “The Shallows”

Our first discussion about The Shallows generated some thought provoking responses. Take a look at the following links to learn a few more things about how cool our brains are, why we have a hard time remembering information and what the internet is doing to kids these days.

Did you know that the Gutenberg press was the first technology responsible for moveable text? Check it out!


We also learned about Nietzsche’s Malling-Hansen Writing Ball Typewriter! Check out the video of how it works!


Neuroplasticity!!!!!! *fire crackers exploding* Are our brains cool or what?

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 22.37.51

Google has become our external hard drive.

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 22.43.30

Neurons that fire together wire together. We are training our brains every single day! Believe it or not, we are even training our brains to stop retaining information. WHAT??!! So that article you were trying to make sense of, or that definition you were trying to remember – your brain has decided to let that information go straight out the window.  Watch this video to learn more about why you’ve stopped retaining information.

Take control of your brain!

Fact or fiction? It’s okay for children to watch more than three hours of television per day.


With all the information on the internet its easy to get lost and confused. Before you get too distressed here is an Internet 101.

Radiolab Rocks

Yes, I’m still using the term “rocks” as an uber affirmative. This short article, about the right to forget as integral to free speech, dovetails with many of the issues from The Shallows.

This is a link to a fantastic Radiolab podcast about Words. I’m strongly suggesting this to everyone, but especially Beatrice. Bea, I was thinking about your new world, your new creatures, and I was thinking that they need names, hybrid names. Because we don’t really understand a concept until we can language it.

About the previous post containing the article about corporate marketing/data mining. I think that is pertinent to everyone but especially for Sandy and Nicolas and Emily. Sandy and Nicolas you might want to consider Freecycle and Kijiji in opposition to standard practices of corporate marketing and consumerism.

That’s it.

Too much information (TMI)

An interesting and witty article about the information we share on the internet and how it effects us psychologically.

A couple parts I found really interesting:

“A study published last month in the journal Cyberpsychology, Behavior and Social Networking found that the more time people spent on Facebook, the happier they perceived their friends to be and the sadder they felt as a consequence.”

“Today, kids who graduate have to drag all their elementary school and high school “friends” along with them.

“The whole system is giving very ambitious people much less chance to reinvent themselves,” said Jaron Lanier, author of “You Are Not a Gadget,” and the change is less dramatic. Who would Bob Dylan end up, he wondered, if Zimmerman were there with him the whole time?”

On another interesting note, I accidentally called the internet Facebook the other day. As in I was trying to talk about the internet in general, and said Facebook. Gasp.