The Shallows, Reading One

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The End of Cursive?

“It’s just not being assessed. That’s the biggie,” she says. “If it’s not assessed, it tends to fall by a little because people are teaching to the test.”


Anne Mangen at the University of Stavanger’s Reading Centre. “But handwriting seems, based on empirical evidence from neuroscience, to play a larger role in the visual recognition and learning of letters.

“This is something one should be aware of in an educational context,” she stresses.

In other words, those who learn to write by hand learn better.


The End of Cursive? – Article



Above, a sea slug, Aplysia. This image is from the Thornton Lab at the University of Oregon. (Are you recoiling? Are you not? What does that say about your neuroplasticity?)

• Educational clip about the history of printing and reading
• Gutenberg then vs Gutenberg now: Project Gutenberg

Your Outboard Brain Knows All, Clive Thompson.

And…sigh…yet another indication that the internet/smart phones are rewiring our brains: Phantom Phone Vibrations.

Multi-tasking is a lie
. Summary of article. Link to full academic article. (Good to read this in context with the findings about multi-tasking posted in the Weekly Roundup)

Summary of new human-information processing skills

How Google is Changing Your Information-Seeking Behavior, Lab Soft News Blog.

Is Google Making Us Stupid? Nope!, Philip Davis

The above (Davis essay) is a response to this article in The Atlantic.

And, another anti-Carr response to the question about Google and our collective stupidity.

And, if you’re going to use Google, learn to really use it.

VS Ramachandran: Mirror Neurons

Norman Mailer vs Marshal McLuhan!
• Watch the video of Norman Mailer arguing with Marshal McLuhan

• Marshall McLuhan: talking about the medium is the message.

Just Remember This, by Michael Greenberg

More extensive links about neuroplasticity to come