Additional Reading: Chapters 3, and 4

Let’s think about mapping and Facebook and the lost art of free time.
I’ve posted the following short articles/op-ed pieces which are relevant to the assigned reading. These are required, and are in lieu of longer questions on Chapters 3 and 4.

1. Facebook is Using You.

2. The Death of the Cyberflaneur

3. The Lost Art of Free time

4. Is GPS All in Our Heads?

5. Shop carefully.



What do you LIKE?

Oh, FaceCrook. (should I trademark that?)


Two compelling videos about click farms (not as fun as ant farms) and their fraudulent influence on Facecrook likes. Also, an investigation of how and why Facecrook isn’t delivering all of the content to “followers” that other social media platforms do.


Oh, this is not a (laugh) riot

My bad pun will make more sense once you listen to this news clip. Yet another data-mining, creepy, online info-tracking story, brought to you by the lovely folks at Raytheon (A United States’ defense contractor).

At one point, the reporter says, “…it’s sort of stalking…”

Uh, yeah, that’s putting it mildly.

The news clip mentions a video on The Guardian website. That is here. Also, an op-ed from The Guardian about why we should worry about being tracked on line.

Do I ever post anything that isn’t about how we are constantly being watched and tracked?  Why, yes. Yes I do.