Infographics and Visualizing Data

Related to our discussion yesterday:

He applies the style of corporate annual reports to his life. This is the cover of Feltron 2012.

Good article in the NYTimes about Feltron

NEW YORK TIMES infographics
• Personal blog and sketches from the head of the NY Times graphics department

WIRED’s 13 best infographics

• Obsessed with space like I am? THIS is amazing, well-designed.

• The Year (2012) in graphics

General MULTIMEDIA page of the NY Times –there are infographics nearly everyday, as well as the amazing LENS blog for those of you interested in photography

10 Things to learn about infographics

VISUALIZING.orgA community of people making sense of complex issues through data and design.

Visualizing Data at the Oxford Internet Institute

A leader in thinking about and teaching the visualization of information. His website (scroll down) has examples and his books are exemplary.

For more information, you can search this blog for general references about graphic design.