Weekly Roundup

1. THIS!
Want to list your precious objects (your hostages as Miranda July says) in the comments?

2. I’m underlining this text because Google has decided to no longer underline search results anymore. More info here.

3. For Sarah…or
• anyone who uses Twitter or
• anyone who thinks that Twitter users are a representative sample of the population (they’re not) or
• anyone interested in info-graphics or interactive graphics

The Pew Research Internet Project completed an extensive analysis of Twitter users: Mapping Twitter Topic Networks: From Polarized Crowds to Community Clusters.
I’m linking to the summary page, but Sarah you might be specifically interested in the info graphics. The linking is a bit wonky–scroll down in the main summary page and click on the graphic of the infographics, that will eventually link to interactive versions.

The interactive versions are really beautiful, if a bit confounding.


Want to limit distractions?

Check out these resources that can be used to limit the amount of distractions you encounter online.

Readability takes any web page and converts it to a cleaner, book-like page to allow for easier reading.

Instapaper allows you to save articles or long passages of text in order to read them later, distraction-free.

Freedom is an app that locks you away from the internet for up to eight hours, unless you cheat and reboot.

Anti Social is an application that blocks social networking sites until you reboot your computer.