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Your contracts!

Are you thinking about your final project contracts? You should be. They are due tomorrow. Answer about the following questions. Be clear and specific. SPECIFIC!

• What problem will your site solve? (i.e. WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?)

• Who is your target audience? How will they access your site? (phone, desktop, tablet)

• What experience will your viewers have? (informative, exploratory, experimental, etc)

• How will you create that experience?
-think about visual elements
-think about navigational elements
-what information are you including and what are you excluding

• Describe the overall feel of your site. Describe the site’s tone and mood

• What is your navigational system (how will viewers navigate your site)

• What media does your site need/require?
-make a specific and detailed list of all required media
– what is the source of this media
(are you taking photographs, appropriating video/audio clips, etc)

• How will you determine if your site is successful?

• Make a detailed list of what needs to be accomplished to have your site 50% finished

• Make another list of what needs to be accomplished to have your site 100% finished

• List all resources that you’ve been studying, looking at, thinking about,etc.

• Have you searched to ensure your site doesn’t already exist?

See you tomorrow!