Another dance blog and Heartbleed.

Mostly stills, but there are some lovely gifs, just scroll.

Yes, this is me, procrastinating. (big writing deadline on Monday.)

Georgia–can you envision a toilet brush and a towel bar?


P.S. All projects are marked. I’m submitting final marks and sending comments maƱana.

Okay, back to work.

But, wait! Ther’s more…An APP with Benedict Cumberbatch speaking in your ear…

And, in case you haven’t heard, the internet is f’ed. This article explains Heartbleed and here is a list of affected sites.

Now, back to work.






Here are some things related to things we talked about in todays class:

There are loads of time keeper apps in the app store, I think I just searched “time card” or something. Be warned “Time Card Plus” is the worst and does not work, I am using “Hours Keeper Pro” and it is excellent, there is also a free version of it, I think you get 2 tasks or ‘clients’ you can track work time for.

The coffee shop sounds app is “Coffitivity” – you can even put your own music on in the background, super cool!

The documentary about the switch from film to digital is called “Side by Side“. Keanu Reeves interviews a bunch of cinematographers, and directors about the history of film and how they feel about digital.