Turn your phone into a particle ray detector!

cosmic-ray-particle-showersImage: NASA.

After a semester of discouraging phone use, I’m finally posting a reason to use your phone! Use your phone to help solve the mysteries of the universe

Two physicists who work at the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland are creating an app that transforms smart phones into particle ray detectors.

Read about their project.

Join the project!

We now return to our regularly scheduled program…

You didn’t think I’d let the internet love fest last very long, did you?

We’re back—using the Internet to critique and analyze the Internet. Meta, much? I liked this and thought you might too. Kirsten Dunst has some thoughts about Selfies.


Update: Graphics Exhibition

Hi ya!

Back in the April I mentioned an upcoming Graphics exhibition going on in my hometown of Orillia… well it turned into a locals only show… and then into “Graphic Language: Georgia Grieve and Orillia Graphic Design”. Here’s the link. The exhibition runs October 9th – December 6th at the Orillia Museum of Art and History. I cannot believe this is real life…

Alison Bechdel is *officially* a genius

Hi Everyone,

It’s a good day to draw because Alison Bechdel, she of the Bechdel Test, and general graphic novel /comic awesomeness just won a MacArthur Genuis Grant!

If you’re new to Bechdel read Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic or Are You My Mother? A Comic Drama.

How is everyone doing? For those of you no longer at Guelph–send updates! We miss you. For those of you still at Guelph, my office has moved. I’m still on the third floor, but Chris and I are now in Paul’s former equipment check-out room—the first door as you go into the analog space.

Also, I’ve given in. I’m on Instagram.

Sorry Sandy, you’ll have to wait longer for your OSboyfriend

Hi Peeps.

Last week it was reported that a computer finally passed the Turing Test.

Well, that isn’t true.

Below is a brief On The Media segment which explains how science and tech reporting doesn’t fact check as rigorously as it should.

Failing the Turing Test

I think we can all breathe a little easier, right? Save the humans? Also, Nicolas Carr (author of The Shallows) has a new book: The Glass Cage.

Hope everyone is having a good summer. Keep posting!

Photography and Memory

Hello People of the Internet!

It’s been more than a month since our class ended, how is your brain and your studio practice? Internet addled?

Do you remember what you last photographed with your smart phone? No? There’s a reason for that. Listen to this interview, which kicks off a series, about the connection between memory and photography.

Also, a reminder to get to Toronto and see the Contact Photography Festival before the end of May.

Becky Comber, Sky Edge, from the series Broken Horizons, 2013
Becky Comber, Sky Edge, from the series Broken Horizons, 2013

Jessica Eaton, Cfaal 384, 2013, Courtesy Jessica Bradley Gallery

That’s it. Hope you having a great summer. Feel free to post work in progress on the blog.




Another dance blog and Heartbleed.

Mostly stills, but there are some lovely gifs, just scroll.

Yes, this is me, procrastinating. (big writing deadline on Monday.)

Georgia–can you envision a toilet brush and a towel bar?


P.S. All projects are marked. I’m submitting final marks and sending comments mañana.

Okay, back to work.

But, wait! Ther’s more…An APP with Benedict Cumberbatch speaking in your ear…

And, in case you haven’t heard, the internet is f’ed. This article explains Heartbleed and here is a list of affected sites.

Now, back to work.





Oh, Sherlock?

Our time together has almost ended (waaah) ((hey, wait a minute, quit looking so happy)). Some things to consider:

The Globe and Mail catches up
The Globe and Mail is finally catching up to our class. This is part one of what is supposed to be a five part series on Technology and Life.

We feel FINE!
Because so many of you are working at the nexus of art and technology, you should know about this project: Jonathan Harris, We Feel Fine. Project description | website.


Image from here

Despite what Moriarty boasts, he is not one of the seven people who hold the keys to internet security but here is an audio snippet that tells the story of the seven people who do. The excerpt is from the National Public Radio show, On the Media, a great podcast, if you are interested in media-related issues). Here is the longer article (mentioned in the podcast) originally published in The Guardian.

And, finally, this: The Useless Web.
One day I clicked the Please button until I found this! (pay attention to your cursor).

If you’re wondering why I didn’t credit the first Moriarty gif it’s because it took me to a site en español, 10 razones para tener sexo por la salud. Internet? You’re stupid. And now that’s on my browser history and I’m glad I’m not the subject of Sarah’s project.