Ch.7 The Jugglers Brain

Reading this chapter I was reminded of a TED talk I was shown by a teacher in High School on Sixth Sense technology. This chapter points out how the way we interact with content has changed and become more demanding, fast-paced, interactive, and received in high volumes. This talk happened in 2009 keep that in mind when you watch it, and also how this technology would change our interactions.

Here’s a link to Pranav’s personal website (it’s slightly dated)

I was wondering what the opposite of overstimulation would do to people. In other words I wanted to see both sides of the spectrum.

Out brains are extremely sensitive and even the smallest change in our surrounding environments can significantly change the structure and wiring of them.

The chapter reviews studies on multitasking that have mostly proven people absorb information from straight text better than multi-sensory experiences covering the same content.

Should we have new measurements and methods of testing to accommodate this type of learning?

Provided bellow is a short term memory test

There is a small percentage of people in the world that are born to multitask