Potluck on Thursday! (Who is bringing what)

Hi Everyone!

Here’s what I recorded today as to who will be bringing what to our final class on Thursday. 

Reminder: We have a nut allergy to all nuts except peanuts, and a dairy intolerance (so let us know if your food item has either of these)

Allanah: Chips
Alyssa: Tiny Sandwiches of Various Fillings
: Savoury/Healthy + Cups + Plates + Napkins/Papertowel* + Utensils*
Ashley: Coffee Cake
Chris: Junk Food Item(s)
Georgia: Spiced Nuts
Matt B: Beverage(s)
Matt K: Dip or Meatballs
Nadine: Snack-y Item(s)
Sarah: Leafy Salad

(*Or we could steal this from the UC?)

Abigail, you missed our little discussion, but if you want to bring something to fill any holes in the list above, that would be great!

On an unrelated side note, half of our class have names that begin with an “A”. Pretty neat stuff.

Youtube ISP Video Quality, Art and Computers, Background Noise

Some things I meant to post earlier…

1) Youtube/Google Video Test: I mentioned this in class a month ago, but I seemingly randomly received a link to a “Video Quality Test” page while attempting to watch a Youtube video… Turns out it is a legitimate “service”.  Here’s the info on it: http://tinyurl.com/youtube-speed If you want to do it for yourself: http://tinyurl.com/o6e2epn

NOTE that the graph they give you is formatted interestingly… The y-axis scale isn’t labeled, and even where the graph dips close to the x-axis, the reading is still above 90% in some cases…

2) CHArt: This is an interesting organization I came upon on the weekend, although it looks like they haven’t been active in around a year. They’re looking at the implications that computers have had on art and art history, have (had) conferences on the topic as well. I thought it was interesting reading a couple of the papers with our learnings from this class and The Shallows in mind.

3) More Background Noise “Soundrown”: Earlier in the semester, we were talking about background noise and aps that would let you create your own, and I quite like this one because you can mix your own levels of different sounds like rain or coffee shop.