A “milestone in artificial intelligence”

The Turing test was passed by a computer on Sunday. Apparently Alan Turing died exactly 60 years ago Sunday. Eugene waited for an anniversary to make his debut? Not too long now before I have an OS bf! 😉

Eugene Goostman is the chatbox that passed the test

Digital Revolution

Socrates worried that the development of writing and relying on the written word would result in us ceasing to exercise our memory ( as knowledge used to only be carried in our heads) and become forgetful.

The invention of Gutenberg’s printing press in the 15th Century made people worry it would lead to “intellectual laziness”, undermining the work of scholars.

What about the digital revolution?

Does “democratized culture” mean better art, film music and literature or is true talent flooded by mediocrity?

This video and many other great documentaries can be found at Top Documentary Films.

The Network

With the advent of new technologies people start to worry about the effect it will have on our lives. The video posted earlier about the baby trying to turn the page on the magazine, and failing, was a good example. Do you think this video, stating that “the tube” is gospel and an illusion, is an overreaction to the influence media has on our lives, or do you think this is a valid claim? Do you think the News always gives us the news, unbiased and true? And what does it mean when you broaden the term “tube” to include the internet? Many people will claim that the internet has made it easier for people to find “the truth.” How does it make you feel when you learn about things like SOPA and PIPA? Does this mean that we are too dependent on the internet and media?

By the way, if you haven’t seen The Network, you should watch it.

Collateral Imagery: Prologue, Chapter 1, Chapter 2 & A Digression

a 15th century printing press similar to what Gutenberg created

Nietzsche’s Typing Ball

Mac Plus – introduced 1986

General Electric GE-645 mainframe computer (I’m glad it’s not my laptop)

Apalysia – sea slug Eric Kandel performed gill research on