Reading Response #5

A couple of links that will relate to our discussion of Chapter 10 tomorrow.


Would you want to Skype with your family after you’re dead?

A little bit about the use of tools and mirror neurons.
Gorillas Wielding Weapons, Macaques & Mirror Neurons

Is Google going to outdo and make our brains irrelevant by creating DeepMind?

There are now apps surfacing that read other people’s emotions for us. This is one of them.

Interesting article of the author Wade Rouch’s opinion on ELIZA, Siri and the possibility of the movie “Her” becoming reality.


Time Scanners

Oddly, right after doing the second reading I came across this National Geographic documentary from a new series called Time Scanners, about a historical site called Petra in my country of Jordan and I thought I would share it as it somehow relates to the idea of how mapping is evolving and how history is explored, especially as they introduce a new 3D laser technology which scans architecture in detail.

Time Scanners

Another interesting article that I came across and think everyone would enjoy is about a wristband that apparently helps retain memories while we’re asleep. Can’t be entirely sure how reliable this but it is interesting nonetheless!

How To Learn An Instrument In Your Sleep