The Thoughts Room

Found this interesting project, a site you can go to for relaxing, venting, or to receive some kind words. They’re not ones for proper grammar or punctuation, but it’s still interesting! Check it out!

The Thoughts Room

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Facebook Microphone Update To Store Data

Check out this new article of Facebook’s new microphone update. Can’t say I’m overly surprised. Funny how I’m getting numbed to my own privacy rights now.

(Apologies, this site seems to have a lot of video ads. You might want to turn down your volume before reading.)




Mary’s Blog

Hey guys! As requested I have attached a link to my new blog. Right now I’m blogging about my experiences through Seneca Colleges Game Art & Animation program (I know I would have liked to see a blog like this when I was in my Undergrad or earlier, so here it is).

So, feel free to check it out! Hope every one is well and working hard!

Mary’s Blog

If anyone want’s more details, feel free to comment on this thread or on my blog. Thanks!