Update: Graphics Exhibition

Hi ya!

Back in the April I mentioned an upcoming Graphics exhibition going on in my hometown of Orillia… well it turned into a locals only show… and then into “Graphic Language: Georgia Grieve and Orillia Graphic Design”. Here’s the link. The exhibition runs October 9th – December 6th at the Orillia Museum of Art and History. I cannot believe this is real life…

Upcoming OMAH Exhibition

Hey guys,

Here’s a link to the exhibition schedule at the Orillia Museum of Art and History (OMAH). I mentioned earlier in the semester a juried exhibition there to do with internet stuff, design stuff, GIF stuff, illustration stuff, happening this spring. Looks like it’s been changed a bit, it’s now “Graphic Language: Illustration, Design and the Graphic Novel” and pushed back to the fall. I’ll get in touch with my connections at the museum and find out what the deal is.

Happy end-of-semester everyone!!


Here are some things related to things we talked about in todays class:

There are loads of time keeper apps in the app store, I think I just searched “time card” or something. Be warned “Time Card Plus” is the worst and does not work, I am using “Hours Keeper Pro” and it is excellent, there is also a free version of it, I think you get 2 tasks or ‘clients’ you can track work time for.

The coffee shop sounds app is “Coffitivity” – you can even put your own music on in the background, super cool!

The documentary about the switch from film to digital is called “Side by Side“. Keanu Reeves interviews a bunch of cinematographers, and directors about the history of film and how they feel about digital.