Cute, Useless and Distracting

There’s a program created just to be cute, useless and distracting.

Shimeji is a Windows desktop mascot that freely wanders and plays around the screen. The mascot is very configurable; its actions are defined through xml and its animations/images can be customized. Shimeji was originally created by Yuki Yamada of Group Finity (

You can get your own Shimeji is here:

Shimeji is a simple program and artist have created different “skins” for it. You can find anime (Japanese cartoon) characters from Naruto and Hetalia. The following links below are some places where you can download them. If anyone is interested they can create their own Shimeji, especially with the Flash skills gained this semester.

DeviantArt Shimeji Group:

Shimeji Timblr:


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