Supplementary info for the Shallows 5,6,7

Hi Guys,

here are some interesting links that relate to the content we’ll be discussing today.

On the Turing Machine

Here’s a quick and fun video about a lego build

Here’s a nice lecture for those who want to go deeper

On Reading
Can you read 700 words a minute?
If you want to test yourself, and try some new technology,
click the image below and go look!

spitz image

Here’s an academic article coming from a different angle, looking at digital vs analog technology with the user who has age-related macular degeneration (must be signed into primo if off campus).

What is a VOOK?
(not that you need a video to explain a video / book hybrid..but just in case)

Here’s an interview in the Japan Times, with a 21 year old, best selling novelist who writes on her cell phone.

Rin Photo

and a funny blog with pictures of “Keitai” (mobile phone) culture

On the Phonograph

Before we leave Japan, take a look at this video featuring the Kanazawa phonograph museum!

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