Bored and Brilliant

Want to be more creative? Get off the internet and learn to be bored.

Embracing boredom to become more creative (Psychology Today)

WHY boredom is essential for creativity.

Boredom is good for you.

Put away your phone. Are smartphones interfering with your natural process to wander and be idle? Probably.

“A generation that cannot endure boredom will be a generation of little men… of men in whom every vital impulse slowly withers, as though they were cut flowers in a vase.”
—Bertrand Russell

Please participate in Bored and Brilliant.
The neurological and creative value of doing nothing. That’s right, nothing.

More Bertrand Russell from Brain Pickings (it’s a great site)

In Praise of Idleness | Essay by Bertrand Russell

Why the capacity for boredom is essential for a full life

From WIRED: The Importance of mind wandering

From The Guardian: The Importance of Being Bored

Are you conflating being bored with a fear of being alone (i.e. no cell phone)? Here is a funny video on How To Be Alone.


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