Health and Light at Night – f.lux etc

f.lux type desktop
Hi Professor and fellow classmates! I thought I’d share this in the hopes it might be helpful to someone. Many of you likely know this already, but there is a growing body of research suggesting negative health effects correlating with light late in the evening (LAN). The light inhibits the production of certain hormones / brain chemicals that signal the onset of sleep and ends up messing with our circadian rhythms. We are more sensitive to light in the blue spectrum (which is like sunlight), and supposedly, by changing the colour spectrum to a more red hue, we can avoid some of the negative effects of this LAN.  I’ve been using a program call f.lux for years, which does just that, but recently I was given an old macbook running OSX 10.5.8 and wasn’t able to run f.lux anymore. This evening, I finally found a compatible program called Nocturne, which got me thinking about this stuff again. If you do look at your computer late at night, I highly recommend giving f.lux a try. It works for both Mac & PC and can be set to change the hue only a little, or invert it quite dramatically (like the picture I’ve posted). Once it’s been running  a few hours, if you switch back to your computer’s default settings (even on lowest factory dimmer setting), you’ll be shocked at how bright it seems. Let me know if you end up giving it a go? Theo


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