Dance! Library


Image from The New York Public Library, digital collections
New York City Ballet, 1957. Martha Swope, photographer.

For those of you interested in motion: The New York Public Library recently made its archive of 24,000 films and tapes of dance available online. Here is a short article describing the impressive range of the collection. And here is the link to the collection:

NYPL Digital Collections | Jerome Robbins Dance Division Moving Image Archive


If you didn’t get the chance to see a screening of Tim’s Vermeer in Guelph, I highly recommend you see it somehow. (Allanah? I think I saw you leaving the 7:30 screening while I was in line for the later show).

When you feel burdened by a project, when you feel you’ve bit off more than you can chew, use this film for comparison and ask yourself:

• Am I learning Dutch?
• Am I making and grinding my own lenses?
• Am I attempting to recreate a painting by a master, when I have no training in painting whatsoever?

Sarah, maybe you want to make a info-graphic flo chart for all of us? Am I making and grinding my own lenses using only antiquated technology? If no, quit complaining and get back to work.



2 thoughts on “Dance! Library

  1. i was actually leaving a showing of “the past”. i’ll have to check it out. looks like there’s a lot of interesting shows at the bookshelf this month.

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