Potluck on Thursday! (Who is bringing what)

Hi Everyone!

Here’s what I recorded today as to who will be bringing what to our final class on Thursday. 

Reminder: We have a nut allergy to all nuts except peanuts, and a dairy intolerance (so let us know if your food item has either of these)

Allanah: Chips
Alyssa: Tiny Sandwiches of Various Fillings
: Savoury/Healthy + Cups + Plates + Napkins/Papertowel* + Utensils*
Ashley: Coffee Cake
Chris: Junk Food Item(s)
Georgia: Spiced Nuts
Matt B: Beverage(s)
Matt K: Dip or Meatballs
Nadine: Snack-y Item(s)
Sarah: Leafy Salad

(*Or we could steal this from the UC?)

Abigail, you missed our little discussion, but if you want to bring something to fill any holes in the list above, that would be great!

On an unrelated side note, half of our class have names that begin with an “A”. Pretty neat stuff.


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