Youtube ISP Video Quality, Art and Computers, Background Noise

Some things I meant to post earlier…

1) Youtube/Google Video Test: I mentioned this in class a month ago, but I seemingly randomly received a link to a “Video Quality Test” page while attempting to watch a Youtube video… Turns out it is a legitimate “service”.  Here’s the info on it: If you want to do it for yourself:

NOTE that the graph they give you is formatted interestingly… The y-axis scale isn’t labeled, and even where the graph dips close to the x-axis, the reading is still above 90% in some cases…

2) CHArt: This is an interesting organization I came upon on the weekend, although it looks like they haven’t been active in around a year. They’re looking at the implications that computers have had on art and art history, have (had) conferences on the topic as well. I thought it was interesting reading a couple of the papers with our learnings from this class and The Shallows in mind.

3) More Background Noise “Soundrown”: Earlier in the semester, we were talking about background noise and aps that would let you create your own, and I quite like this one because you can mix your own levels of different sounds like rain or coffee shop.


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