If you read The Shallows I need your help! If you didn’t read The Shallows, ignore this post.

Hi People!

I’m presenting a paper at the UACC conference. (Academic blah blah blah). I need your help! Part of my paper is about our classes’ experience reading The Shallows and trying to forge habits of sustained concentration in a distracted world.

I know everyone is busy, but it would be great if you could answer the three questions posted below. I’m not using names or any identifying information. Post your responses in the comments or email me at annacox at uoguelph.ca

1. During our class, most of you modified your internet behavior and saw positive results such as:
• increased concentration
• a creative boost due to new habits (i.e. making work on a schedule, not waiting for when you “felt like it”
• improved reading comprehension

Did you maintain the new habits that promote concentration/deep thinking or did you go back to your old habits? If you did return to your pre-The Shallows habits (no judgement—I struggle every day.) can you tell me why?

2. Are you currently making work? If no, skip this question. If yes, are you trying to limit distractions—for example turning off your phone while you are in the studio? If not, why?

3. What elements/concepts/behaviour modifications of The Shallows did you maintain i.e.–reading paper (versus always reading on-screen), limiting multitasking, not interacting with Facebook/twitter/etc first thing in the morning, paying attention to your internet “loops”, understanding that habits become  behaviour? Anything else?


This semester I’m mostly posting on the Sofamphoto blog.


One thought on “If you read The Shallows I need your help! If you didn’t read The Shallows, ignore this post.

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