The most relaxing song. Binaural sound. My favourite video.

This is the most relaxing song of all times, ‘Weightless’, by Marconi Union with the help of sound therapists to get advice on how to make the most effective use of harmonies, rhythms and bass lines. The result on listeners is a slowing of the heart rate, reduced blood pressure and lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol.” (Daily Mail, David Gerges)

The next video is an example of ‘binaural sound’, but it ONLY works with HEADPHONES.

Anyway, I think the most impressive example is in the next link. It seems that the guy is in the room cutting your hair! Again, you NEED headphones. Binaural sound. Virtual barbershop

Although this song hasn’t been called ‘the most relaxing song of all times’, I think this video is GREAT and the music is SUPERB. I encourage you all to watch it and ENJOY (ok, captions are in spanish, but you won’t mind). JLo would say “Goosies!”.
Kelsey, maybe it will give you some ideas.

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