Connecting our Brains and the Internet

Below is a link to an article from the New York Times that provides a survey of what year readers predict specific advances in technology will occur. Based on votes most individuals believe that we will be continuously connected to the Internet through our brains by 2045 and that we will create artificial intelligence that has all the features of human beings by 2038!

The article below predicts that shortly after we develop artificial intelligence that has the same qualities as humans we will then merge our brains with the Internet. This idea is reflected in the book where it states that “while this cybernetic blurring of mind and machine may allow us to carry out certain cognitive tasks far more efficiently, it poses a threat to our integrity as human beings” pg 214. When there is no longer a distinction between the machine and the mind through the creation of artificial intelligence do you think the merging of our brains with the Internet will shortly follow? What year do you think we’ll see these types of advances in technology?



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