“txt msg pom comp” – The Creative Art of Texting

In chapter six Nicholas Carr discusses how young women in Japan began writing short stories on their mobile phones, starting simply with text messages, and eventually turning them into published works across the internet. Here is an example of a poetry competition held by the online editor of The Guardian. Two leading poets from Britain, Peter Sansom and UA Fanthrope judged the text message based competition.

Winner of special prize for using the most short form writing:

14: a txt msg pom.
his is r bunsn brnr bl%,
his hair lyk fe filings
W/ac/dc going thru.
I sit by him in kemistry,
it splits my @oms
wen he :-)s @ me.
Julia Bird 30, Poetry Book Society

14: a text message poem
his eyes are bunsen burner blue,
his hair like iron filings
with ac/dc going through.
I sit by him in chemistry,
it splits my atoms
when he smiles at me



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