The Kindle = death of the book?

The biggest question in the relevance of the eBook is whether or not you, as the reader, are in favor of it. One of the controversial factors involved in eBooks include the ability to add hyperlinked text to the documents. This is only a minor detail that would essentially distract the reader from every finishing a single book, as the reader could easily get lost amongst the infinite information available on the internet. In a recent article in Forbes, E.D. Kain makes note of how digital versions “probably have textbook publishers terrified. The ability to update and change textbooks on the fly (and on the cheap) threatens to cut into the Edition Racket (whereby slight changes are made to a textbook and it’s re-released every year at full price.)”

How awesome would it be if rather than spending an extra $100 on a new edition of the textbook you could spend $0.99 on an updated app?

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