The cell programmed for cuteness

Regarding to what Anna told us about the autist guy who improved his social skills after having a dog at home, I found this article about the ‘cuteness cell’ in our brains.
It seems that there is a part of our brain who responds to animals (either creepy or cute) but it’s specific for animals (it doesn’t work for humans, places…).

“We found in one patient a cell that I call the “Peter Rabbit cell” because it responded to three very cute images,” says Koch. “One was a rabbit, one was a white snow hare and the third one was a cute little mouse.”

The full article following this link…

PS: Anna asked me this morning if I think dogs have a ‘human cell’ as well, and I asked that I didn’t think so, but…!!! I have just remembered this AWESOME documentary about how dogs evolved from wolves, and YES! Wolves with a developed socialization gene evolved to dogs. It’s very interesting that when wolves and foxes are ‘too’ social with human, they change its coat (it’s the same gene) and other characteristics, and become to be a little more like dogs each generation… as they are now.
It’s a long video (1 hour, 6 parts in youtube), but if you like dogs, it worth it!


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