Our ideas about success

Last day, we were talking about people who need attention and they do any stupid thing to get it (being the one with the longest nails, the one who smokes more cigarrettes at the same time…) In the Internet you will find these kind of things every day (the cutest breaded cat…).
Andy Warhol said in 1968 that “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.” I have read that it is believed that the statement was an adaption of a theory of Marshall McLuhan, explaining the differences of media, where TV differs much from other media using contestants.
Regarding to the “Play, Press, Pause” video that Sandy uploaded, every artist could have that possibility. Distribution is easy. Doing something interesting could be more difficult.
Anyway, there is a TED Talk by Alain de Botton (by the way, he’s the author of “The Art of Travel” that I presented to you last term) where he talks about the idea of SUCCESS. Are we classified by the job we are doing? Do we classify other people depending on what they do or what they have? Do we envy people’s success?
It’s very interesting to think about a society where everybody tells you that you can be anything, you can achieve whatever you want. And a lot of people feel frustration about not getting that success.
What does ‘success’ mean for you? 15 minutes fame?


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